Rina’s new art collection “About masculinity” asks status quo questions through the paintings, under the main one: What does masculinity mean nowadays? The paintings are made in oil on linen, recreating old setups seen along history through different art masters, but redefined now into contemporary concepts. Bringing the old beliefs into the new contemporary mindset. The paintings are inspired by Claudiu’s Guraliuc baroque fine art photography series.


“I have been drawing since I was a child, but I really started painting a few years ago. I guess that life had to teach me some lessons before I could start painting. I had to live, feel and breathe different experiences that colored my soul so that I could paint from it. My first exhibition was in March 2016 and started with a huge success. I believe that artists are defined by the work, passion, vision, and emotions that are expressed in their creations. I believe in my work and vision and I am grateful to all people that relate to my work and help me keep this passion burning. Thank you for letting my works, therefore me, join your houses, your stories, and your memories.

It is my mission to make your soul vibrate, each time you experience my art.”


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